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Homework Slackers

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Sweetness. Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 07:11 pm
So I was able to complete all of my Business Management course assignments today for this week: Read chapter 2 and went over chapter 1 again. Read through Module 1. Completed the Module one assessment. Read the reserved reading regarding David Glass and the various business environments that he faced. Last but not least, I wrote a brief essay on David Glass' responses to those business environments and how they correlated with the chapter. In addition I was able to create and provide for myself notes from all of these elements to put towards future studies. Tomorrow I will attempt to tackle all of my Accounting course assignments.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 03:01 pm
Finished an assignment due tomorrow already, and finished reading for tomorrow's lecture. I'm on top of things a'ight!

Taking a short break before I tackled the homework for today that I didn't have time to cover yesterday (due to *cough* slacking).

Sleep is tempting, but I might fight a war in Warcraft instead. My nap yesterday didn't exactly go as planned...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Resonance of the Earth - Yoko Kanno

Sep. 19th, 2005 @ 01:42 pm
Just finished my law homework. Just need to read it over later today (when I've got a more open mind to my errors ;p) and then send it off. :D

I've also almost finished reading everything for Operations Management and just need to look over and give myself time to think about my Negotiations Across Cultures homework.

Being in Uni is different. :P
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Current Music: What planet is this?! - Cowboy Bebop

Grammar/Writing-expert wants to Help/edit/proofread Your paper, $2 Jul. 15th, 2005 @ 01:33 am
My Name is Liz, and I just graduated from the New School For Social Research, a University in Greenwich Village, NYC. I was a fiction writing concentrator. I am offering up my knowledge, talent and skill for literature and english to You, the High school or College student. I recently found out that I scored in the 98% percentile on the Vocabulary portion of the Wexler IQ test. (better than 98% of all those who were administered the Wexler IQ test) I received an A in my Shakespeare course, Junior Year of College.

I am impeccable when it comes to proofreading and grammar. The 'good' grammar comes from my knowledge of Latin, my Catholic school teacher mother, writing experience, and talent. ;--)

So email me, nomen_mihi_est at yahoo. I would love to proofread and help you with Your term paper, essay, etc under 15 pages, for any subject. If its a college entrance essay, I will also give you questions and suggestions, (because I am also a literature writer). I can help you. I charge $2 to help with a 2 page double spaced paper. So if it is a longer assignment, we can work something out. :--)


May. 7th, 2005 @ 12:08 am
So I actually revised a bit for my law exam that was today. I'm a bit miffed though because if I had revised better I might have climbed up to 80% or more quite easily. I was soaring at the end of the exam, but had managed to screw up definitions at the beginning. Then there were stupid true/false questions. I HATE THOSE. *grr*

This weekend will be dedicated to Economics. Got an exam on Monday that I want to do well. Early to bed, rise early. Read a lot and think of how much happier it will make me after the exam itself.

It's all in the mind. hrmpf.
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Revising X-TREME!!

I've read five chapters of the awfully boring law book AND finished reading about 120 pages in my history book during my Easter Break. :D

I'm planning to do some math on Sunday maybe and then start on the other history book I need to know. Things are looking bright! 8)
» (No Subject)
Did my math homework, woohoo! Also read stuff for a History test and then I finished reading The Importance of Being Earnest on Saturday. Yessirthankyouverymuchplease!
» (No Subject)
Ohh yeah, I did all my homework for today AND yesterday (math, bookkeeping, history (twice) and well, maybe not English *coughs*). And this morning I finished my bookkeeping homework for tomorrow. :D

w00t! w00t!
» Neh
I have like...NO homework. All I have to do is look something up for science! Bloody Hell, it's Amazing =D
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I revised (a little half-assedly) for two math exams that were today and yesterday and I think it worked beautifully. Hurrah!
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